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Rebecca Rows To Cycling Celebration

Rebecca Romero.

Who is she, and how did she row to cycling celebration? It's a great goal achievement story...

I like watching the Olympics, especially the sports where we do well(!), so was eagerly watching the rowing at the Athens Games of 2004. We have a good tradition in rowing, remember Sir Steve Redgrave's 5 Golds at 5 Different Olympics?

Well, one of Britain's rowing medallists in 2004 was Rebecca Romero. She won a silver.

Impressive? Well, yes I think so.

A silver tends to get lost in the huge amounts of medals given out, but as far as I'm concerned, *any* Olympic Medal is worthy of note.

After winning silver though, she became disillusioned with the way the sport was run in this country, so gave it up, and after a period of reflection, decided to take up track cycling.

In early 2006 she sorted herself a practice at a track, you know those big banked ovals, and had her first self-confessed 'wobble' around the track.

A year later, early 2007, and she won silver at the World Championships! She is now on course to be in the shake up for an Olympic Medal in 2008 in China!


Obviously it's rare for someone to win a medal in 2 sports, and it often tends to be runners transferring their skills to the bobsleigh, but it's even rarer in the Summer Olympics, and if Rebecca manages it, she will be only the 2nd woman ever to do it!

As someone who loves both goal achievement and the Olympics, I can only wish her well and watch her progress keenly.

Her achievements have come about through setting goals, finding out how to get there, and putting in lots and lots of hard work. Not rocket science, just effective.

So, next time you want to get something done, think of Rebecca Romero rowing to cycling celebration!

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