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What Is Easter All About

On Easter Sunday morning, love got up. Our Sunday school lesson this Easter is titled. Discovering Resurrection. Jesus conquered death. Jesus' friends and love ones failed to understand that the cross was his destiny until after the resurrection. It was ordained by the father that he should go. In Isaiah 6:8, God asks the question whom shall I send? And Who will go for us? When Christ entered the Roman world life was lived on a margin, the radical zone. Man needed a radical way out. The resurrection was Gods redemption for radical sinful man. Gods logos his word the pass way to heaven was Jesus Christ. Christ crucified, Christ resurrected. It was mans way out of his sinful condition. Man needed saving, he couldn't do it himself. No more than he created himself. Alive at Easter was about a celebration It was about a new life a new birth. Love got up. Man was in a dilemma with no way out. God so loved the world that he gave his only son. Now we have no reason to be afraid.

The book of Revelation is about Christ on his throne interceding for us. Christ in all of his majesty all of his glory. When Christ first came we seen him in the physical, in the natural. Now in Revelations we see him in the spiritual . So when he comes back it will be sweeter. Yes love is sweeter the second time around.

In Revelation John wrote to the churches to let them know that we are made alive through his resurrection. We can only find eternal rest through Christ. No matter how good you are you cant save yourself. The resurrection forces us to deal with our own mortality. The choices we make in life. We no longer have to be afraid of death. For blessed are the dead which die in Christ In all your ways acknowledge him. Obey his word. Get an understanding of his word. So the next time you find yourself in a Roman situation don't loose focus of who Christ is. Submit to what you believe in. Until some one sees Christ in you he is still in the tomb. Until he get up in you he is still in the tomb. Donít be afraid to go to your own funeral of independence. Share Christ with someone today. Its impossible to be sinless. We must be sincere about our faith and the way that we live. Malachi asked a question will a man rob God? Yes. Not only with tides and offering, but unrighteous living. Love is a small word that permeates the universe and penetrates the hearts of man.

Jesus is love!

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