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Lamb of God - How You Can Become Like Jesus

Lamb of God is one of the Names of Jesus Christ. It was the Name given Him by John the Baptist. He saw Jesus walking by, and he said, "Look! There goes the Lamb of God!"

Jesus was a little sheep. God was His Father and He was His child. God was the Ram protecting Him and nurturing Him. Jesus was the young growing up to be like His Father.

Christians are like sheep. Or they should be. They should be the flock of their Lord Jesus Christ. And they have another leader too--the sealed person. Why the sealed person?

Because he is a lamb just like Jesus was. He is the child of God his Father. And he is a sacrifice for his people--the people of God, just like Jesus was a sacrifice for their sins.

He was willing to lay down his life in order to be sealed. And just like Jesus the Good Shepherd, he is another good shepherd. He risks his life to protect his sheep just like the Father protects him.

He laid his life down once and God wrote His Name in his forehead. That was only the beginning. He laid his life down many more times and yet lived. He lost his life in this world and yet saved it.

You can have God write his name in your forehead too. Then you will be a good shepherd. After you have become a sacrificial lamb. You will grow up from one of the children to one of the fathers.

You will grow up from one of the followers to one of the leaders. The best of the leaders. Just like Jesus and His Father were and are. You can be sealed with the Father's Name and become like the Lamb of God.

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