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The Power Of Jesus Resurrection

“That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death…” (Philippians 3:10)

Christianity can’t exist without resurrection. The main difference of Christianity and other religions is the reality of resurrection. All other religions have founders who were born, lived and died – only Christianity is worshiping Jesus who was not only born, who not only lived and died, but He rose again from the death.

A well known Easter song says: “ Christ is resurrected from dead, stepping with death over death and giving life to those laying in the tombs”. The apostle Paul says that there is no faith and hope without resurrection.

Our tendency is to put more accent on Christmas, because of the commercial aspect, but you can’t be a Christian without believing and without experiencing the resurrection.

The purpose of Paul was to know Jesus and to personally experience the power of Jesus resurrection.

The power of resurrection brings victory over sin. Is not only about forgiveness of the sins, but it’s about being victorious over the root of the sins, the sin itself. The resurrection is giving us power to be like Jesus, sinless and accepted by God.

Without the existence of the resurrection there is not salvation, because Jesus would have been only a good teacher, a kind man who died unjustly…and this is the end of the story.

Resurrection is showing us that Jesus’ sacrifice was accepted and the New Covenant is now valid.

The power of resurrection brings victory over death. The fear of death is the worst enemy of our happiness. We live our lives under this dark cloud – death and our lives are affected dramatically by the fear of death. But since we know that Jesus was there and is victorious, we are no longer afraid to die with Him, because we know that we will be resurrected with Him.

The power of resurrection is the power to live. “And the life is worth to live, because He lives.” Many people don’t find a good reason to live, but the apostle Paul says he knows and pursue only one purpose and this is enough for him: TO KNOW JESUS.

Knowing Jesus is not the boring Sunday service, is not the boring and long sermon, but is a living relationship, a wonderful daily experience of His character, of His providence and of His love.

Why do you live? Is your life full of power and joy ? If not reconsider your position toward RESURRECTION and start living it’s experience in your life.

John Urs-http://www.saltlightmin.com

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