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Is Music A Religion?

Lately I am thinking about the power that music has to influence especially the young generation.

I can say that some people are addicted to their ipods and their favorite artists are their new idols. Many of them are thinking that music is just a part of somebody’s entertainment, but to me music looks a lot like a new religion.

Music is getting people together and music is separating people, music is bringing a new culture and music is ending a culture, music is mobilizing people for war and music is making them cry. Yes, music is more than few keys joined together, music is a strong tool that deeply changes the young generation.

Teenagers don't want to be like their dads (like in the past), but they want to be like their favorite artist. They don't faint when they see so much suffering around them, but they faint when they see their idol. It's like their idols are taken by their music into a whole new world - the world of fame and glory.

If you want to be successful, if you want to impress the people around you, you have to look and act like a famous singer. The same tendency comes to the Christian music too, almost everybody is looking and prefers to be like one of the singers they love.

I've been to a Christian concert and I was shocked to hear that some of the well known Christian artists are doing a "special favor" to the present pastors, giving them an autograph... It's such a pitiful idea... Why does a pastor need an autograph ? We are suppose to worship Jesus and not people! The main role for Christian music is to praise God and edify His people.

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