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A Personal Relationship Having Jesus As Your Best Friend

Many of us christians can remember the day and time we accepted Jesus Christ as our savior. On that day we formed a personal relationship with Jesus that changed our lives forever. I can not tell you that day. Yes I am a christian and I have a personal relationship with Jesus. My memories go back to the tender age of two. I can honestly say that I have had a best friend relationship with Jesus Christ as far back as age two. For the first three years of my life I lived in Washington, D.C. During these formative years my parents and grandparents took me to church weekly and sometimes daily. All the while they taught me all they could about the Jesus of the Holy Bible. In some miraculous way my mind saw Jesus not as an adult, but as the Divine Child Jesus. When I was three my mind related to Jesus as a three year old. When I was ten my developing intellect preferred to see Jesus as a ten year old. I knew Jesus grew up to be an adult and sacrificed Himself for our sins. It was easier for me to talk to Jesus from my soul to His soul, my heart to His heart.

This relationship was so personal that in my heart, mind, and soul I would, and still do today talk to Jesus from my heart throughout everyday. This proved to be the greatest gift I would recieve from my personal relationship with Jesus. From the age of five my mother had a form of epilepsy that caused her to bind clothsline cords into whips and strike out with severe beatings upon my brother and me. I knew this was not her but the sickness. If I hadn't developed a best friend relationship with Jesus

I would not have been able to understand this and forgive my mother from my heart. Having this best friend relationship with Jesus has gotten me through mental depression, a physical disability, and even a sexual betrayal from my one time fiance.

If you haven't already. Please form a personal best friend relationship with Jesus and talk to Him from your heart throughout everyday of your life. When things go wrong and people hurt you, this personal relationship with Jesus will teach you how to forgive.

Frederick J. Arceneaux was born in Washington, D.C. in March 1951. From 1956 until his retirement on disabilty he lived and worked in the insurance industry in St. Petersburg, Florida. After moving to Alabama in 2002 Mr. Arceneaux was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write his memoires. Originally for the purpose of the healing of memories, the friends he shared his life's story with encouraged him to publish his memoires. These were published in December 2005 by Publishamerica. Since then Mr. Arceneaux has completed two additional books on moral and spiritual storylines. These two have not yet found a publisher. Mr. arceneaux is currently developing nine additional books.

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