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Real Men Love Jesus; Why is he Gay?

Perhaps you have seen that bumper sticker that says; Real men love Jesus! I suppose that bumper sticker is relevant to someone who is a religious freak, however if you read and think about what that bumper sticker says it is rather morbid. It is suggesting men should screw a corpse of the 2000-year-old dead person in the butt. This is sick.

The Christians have gone too far with their bumper stickers and these sick sayings on bumper stickers should be outlawed as they are indecent and suggesting something that is against the law in our society. We do not allow people to make love to a dead person.

Suggesting that someone should do this in a homosexual way; that is to say a man doing it with another man who is dead in the butt is truly sick. I thought Christians were against homosexual love and Sex and it appears now they're living in hypocrisy with this bumper sticker.

The bumper sticker suggests real men should love and have sex with Jesus a dead man. Why? Was he Gay? I think they should take their bumper stickers and shove them up their rear ends and stop suggesting to the other real men out here that we should stick our member up the anus of the 2000-year-old dead person.

Real men love Jesus? Come again; Hey if that is your thing then go for it, but personally I want nothing to do with a religion suggesting that I am not a real man if I do not participate in such a disgusting and morbid act. Consider this in 2006.

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