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How to Use Jesus Name

You have been told to use the name of Jesus when you battle against negative thinking. This is true… in the name of Jesus is power. In the name of Jesus, the power comes from replacing a lie with truth. Jesus said He is truth. In the name of Jesus, you have a source of good, a source of pure love, and a source of integrity.

When the voice in your mind is negative and create depressed, angry or hostile feeling and behavior, change them. Try replacing them with positive thoughts, good thoughts, lovely thoughts, and thoughts of integrity, in fact replace them with Jesus’ mentality, and replace them with Jesus.

If you wish to change something, get rid of a negative thought, do not fight against it. For in doing so you only make it stronger. You can make the evil thoughts stronger by continually dwelling on how to fight them. Today, choose to replace the thoughts with a positive alternative. Think like Jesus, think love, think purity, and think about the good in the situation instead of the bad. Surrender to the objects you fight against and admit you don’t have the power to win this battle and then allow “Jesus” to fight for you. When you surrender you actually allow the positive energy of “Jesus thoughts” to take the lead, positive thoughts replacing the negative thoughts.

This concept sounds simple and it is. However, it is your choice. You can remain in the state you are in or you can use a positive replacement, you can use the name and concepts of Jesus to give you peace, comfort, and serenity.

Dr Bob Wilkerson is founder of Challenger Christian Ministries, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping others recover from life altering circumstances. Dr. Bob is a motivational speaker with true life story of God's power to change any individuals life. If your Church or organization is looking for a dynamic speaker please email him today. challenger7777@gmail.com

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