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A Moment in the Shepherds Life With Jesus

Tobias Ben David, in short, Toby the shepherd spent his entire life of forty years on the outdoors of Bethlehem hills, looked old. Ever so often, Toby used to shift his position out of his discomfort with too much crowdedness, had one day, and left the people to listen to their teacher. Today, the teacher is talking about salvation, “Why God came to save his people from their sins and waywardness and how can these people get back together and live peacefully?”

The teacher was none other than JESUS himself. He began his illustration starting with the shepherd and the sheep. JESUS started, ” The man who is hired to take care of the sheep runs away if he sees a danger coming in front of him, but not the good shepherd who loves his flock of sheep because he knows defending the defenseless lambs, the attacking wolves or the mountain lion.” This actually happened to be an incident in Toby’s life. One night, many years ago, Toby hired some men to watch the flock along with him. They soon ran away seeing a mountain Lion roaming the hills. But Toby stayed back. He knew the sacrifices That shepherding required. And he risked his life to protect them.

And so Jesus continued” Suppose you loose one of the hundred sheep you have. What do you do? You leave the ninety-nine sheep all safe together in a very safe place and then search until you find the lost sheep. Once you find it, there is no limit to your happiness and you share this happiness with fellow shepherds.”

“ It’s the same with GOD”,” When you are in trouble to find the right way, HE will help you in some or the other way and never gives up until you are met by HIM”

Toby, who patiently listened to all this, felt a lump in his throat, was completely relaxed at the way JESUS illustrated. “A shepherd is a rescuer, a savior, who lays down his life for the sheep”,” come to me, all you who are weary people, you the people who have trouble to find the route, I will give you the rest because I AM gentle and humble in heart, I relax you out of stress, your tensions, your confusions, because I can show you that your goal can be reached by several ways!!!!!”

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