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Christmas Legends

Christmas is one of the most celebrated festivals around the world. The birth of the holy child Jesus Christ is the same all over. Yet many new customs mushroomed at different places. The long passage of time and the distant places have given rise to numerous Christmas legends that tell tales of rich traditions prevalent all across the globe.

Different symbols of Christmas have a new story to tell. For instance, the Christmas tree is deliberately chosen the one, which stays green for a longer time after they are separated from their roots. The life of the Christmas tree is reminiscent to the life of the festival of Christmas. The gist of the belief is that the Christmas celebrations are eternal. The red ribbons, on the other hand stand for the blood Lord Jesus Christ shed to redeem mankind from the 'original sin'. The white color of the snow stands for purity of the festival. According to another belief, the shining Christmas ornaments attract wealth and prosperity.

Among the full fledged Christmas legends can be included Joseph Mary & Jesus, The Legend Of Boar, The Christmas Spider, The Magi, The Snow Maiden, Legend Of Mistletoe, Legend Of Stork, Legend Of Robin and others. With so many aspects of Christmas to talk about, it needs time and countless words for us to explain. And all you need is a little enthusiasm and understanding to get the importance of all of them. For exclusive Christmas legends on how St. Nicholas became Santa, why white flowers are used for Christmas decorations and what is the importance of Christmas tree see christmas story hub.com


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