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Different When Jesus Christ Comes?

In the Bible there is a story told of a time when a wicked queen was destroyed with her belief system as well as her followers.2 Chronicles 23:17 (King James Version) Public Domain

17Then all the people went to the house of Baal, and brake it down, and brake his altars and his images in pieces, and slew Mattan the priest of Baal before the altars.

Destroying the house of her god Baal brought the question to mind 'will it be any different when Jesus comes to rule and reign on the earth as King of kings and Lord of lords?'

Destroying the houses and priests of abortion, whoredom, gambling, terrorists, deceit, debauchery, hypocrisy, plagiarism, buddha, islam, hinduism, publishers of evil, evil movie makers of filth and fashion, pornography even churches that do not follow the Lord Jesus and love God truly is certain.

The earth will be cleansed of all evil and the Lord's house will be honored and lifted up. No more time nor place will be given to any form of ungodliness.

Jesus the Christ will rule with a rod of iron. Correction will come. No escaping His will, His way, His plan. His word will be followed and carried out to the letter. Nothing can be left undone. No one can be lawless any more.The God of the universe will have His way in all things, in all places. What a great day for all the saints and angels of the Lord. Hasten the glorious day Lord God Almighty our Father in Heaven.

The coming of the Lord Jesus is closer than when we believed in Jesus as Christ and Lord. Each day will be gathered in His sight and held accountable for all deeds done good or bad. Wow ! Oh that it were today! Oh that it were now! Come quickly Lord Jesus!

Are you ready to see the day of the Lord come? Have you had enough of the wickedness of man? Can you even grasp the awe and splendor of the earth as it truly worships God as King, Jesus as Lord, Holy Spirit as Master. A whole new atmosphere is coming. A wholeness on the earth as at the beginning. Father God in charge! Jesus our Savior ruling and reigning in all of His glory, Holy Spirit empowering all the saints to reign with Jesus!

What a day that will be! What a time to be living on the earth! A thousand years of peace and freedom to do His will! That is fifteen life times for man. Excellent the plans of the Lord God Almighty! Hallelujah!

Investing in companies that destroy and clean up buildings would probably be the way to go . Sudden destruction for theses evil places is imminent. Maybe the angels will be given the job eh? So what do you think? Will it be any different when Jesus comes?

Dona Hatherley creates roads to wellness in all areas of life by pointing out ways and means as well as the expectations you can have from God's viewpoint. http://newfreshcreatedjustforyou.blogspot.com/

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dona_Hatherley