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Jesus Christ Superstar » Jesus Crown Of Thorns

Cactus And A Crown Of Thorns

An Unlikely Choice

A cactus spread out, like a grand affair

Appearing to be such a prickly pear

Living in the heat of desert’s day

This is life, it knows no other way

Living where others wouldn’t dare

Growing without much effort or care

Time worn, rough on most every edge

Nature hoped to rob the beauty pledged

On the outside it is tough and strong

Covering the inside habitation of sweet song

In the midst of barren desert brown

It blooms forth a vibrant hopeful sound

Yet, most failed to honor or recognize

The precious offering of life inside

In dismal places of death, it is life

Bearing fruit regardless of plight

Prepared for any who came its way

Needing sustenance in the heat of day

Its life, its purpose displayed, does unfold

A hedge of thorns protecting fruit of gold

Ready to feed, ready to freely give

Nourishment that another might live

All that is life does not dwell in paradise

Nor come in forms of beauty to please the eye

Like one before wearing a crown of thorns

Unbecoming, ridiculed, beaten—torn

An unlikely choice in the place of death

Bearing the fruit of life, eternal breath

Fear not the desert, nor the heat of day

For some in need are lost along the way

You are clothed in a covering of thorns

Protecting fruit for the tired and worn

An unlikely choice in a world of death

Bearing forth My life, eternal breath


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