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Jesus Is Alive And Well

Parable: As it was in the day of Noah so it shall be in the day of the coming of the son of man.

Opinion: In my opinion this parable reflects back in time period that the people lost all faith in god. There were a lot of very bad things going on. People where killing people for pennies, there was rape, sexual immorality, people had not a care in the world for there fellow human being. The people of that time who had money, and could have helped make life better for the people, who didnít have money, did nothing. In fact I believe they were back then much like they are today. The rich want more at any coast to the poor.

In my opinion it was that very mentality of the rich tacking from the poor that cause the snow ball effect that forced God to open the flood gates.

God flooded the earth back then, because he found no one worthy of sparing back then. Only one man and his family did God spare. This time when God comes he will be coming with an invitation in his hand.

I see a lot of things going on in this world, and most of them show no promise of any good coming out of them. I believe there are millions of people in this world that pray to God to come back and take back what rightfully belongs to him. That day is coming, and when it dose man that will be a great day. I will no longer have to worry about my children, or grandchildrenís future. Because rite now I donít like what I see. That is no future.

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