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Jesus Christ Superstar » What A Friend We Have In Jesus

Google or Jesus?

Not long time ago Google was designated as the best company to work for. The main reason for this was the fact that Google is paying very well its employees and offers a lot of benefits.

Many people, especially young people would like to work for Google and they have an strong argument for that: a successful future and enough money to fulfill their material and social needs. What about Jesus? Why should somebody invest time, effort and abilities in serving or working for Jesus?

First Jesus was before Google and has much more experience in satisfying His employees needs. He knows that we don't have only material needs, but we have way many deeper spiritual needs to be fulfilled...

Second working for Jesus is always bringing joy, because He is the source of joy. It is not only the joy of reading your paycheck amount, but it is the joy of accomplishing and being a part of an eternal business, the business of salvation.Third Jesus promise way more benefits than any company in the world, even more than Google. He says that we will be blessed with peace the surpasses understanding, with endless joy, with comfort in difficult circumstances, with brothers and sisters in every nation and with His endless presence as a Friend, Father and Lord...I know that it sounds funny to you, but Jesus is promising an everlasting life with Him in the Heavenly Glory.

Yes, there is eternal life and I mean it ! The best investment for somebody is for eternity! You have a soul that is eternal, and that's why nothing and nobody can satisfy it, but Jesus. My friend, I know I got you confused, but listen to this: You can work for Jesus and for Google in the same time... Isn't that great? Jesus wants you to use all your abilities to be useful to others and why not, to make more money to serve Him in that way too. Listen to your call, follow your path, but never let Jesus out of your plans and more than that make Him the purpose of your life and dreams.

So, make Google work for JESUS!

John Urs-http://www.saltlightmin.com

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