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The Intro Celestial Entrance Into Eternity

When you receive the Seal you will gain intro celestial entrance into Heaven. And you need it. Believing in Jesus and confessing Him are not enough to get you into Heaven.

Not everyone who says to Jesus, "Lord, Lord," will enter into Heaven. That is what Jesus Himself said. Then who will enter into Heaven? The one who does the Will of the Father of Jesus who is in Heaven. Doing the will of God will get you into Heaven. Yet it is not necessarily the Will of God for you to confess Jesus, because if you oppose God enough you can deceive people.

Some Christian leaders today are not doing the Will of God. They are teaching different than what God says. Often they teach what their listeners want to hear instead of what God wants them to teach.

Yet they call on the Name of Jesus. They call Him, "Lord, Lord." But on Judgment Day they will have to answer for how they did nothing God wanted them to do, but used the Name of Jesus in vain. It is using the Name of God in vain to teach in His Name things against what He is saying. It is not from God and it is not even about God. So when attached to His Name it is taking His Name in vain.

Of course you know you are not to take the Name of God in vain. But that means you must learn what the Will of God is for you, especially if you are in a position of leadership, or if you will be in one in the future.

If you know what the Will of God is for you then you will not be breaking the Law by using His Name. And then Jesus will get to know you a little. If you keep it up, you will become friends with Jesus. A number of people say you should have a personal relationship with Jesus. Not all of those people have such a relationship themselves. It is not easy to befriend Jesus. You have to know the Will of God. And He has to know you too.

It is easy to confess Jesus. It is not so easy to do the Will of God or even know what that is. It is easy to talk about Jesus. It is even easy to talk to Jesus. But it is not so easy to listen to His Demands and actually do them. Jesus said that not everyone performing miracles like casting out demons would enter into the kingdom of Heaven. But casting out demons is a triumph of the Holy Spirit. Is that not of God?

Unfortunately those kinds of works are not all God is looking for. God wants to know you. Jesus wants to know you. And you want to be known by Him. At the gates of Heaven you do not want Him to say, "Go away! I never knew you!' If you believe in Jesus you need to believe the message of the sealed person also. That is your best chance of becoming sealed. You do not want to remain as you are now.

When you become sealed God will write His Name in your forehead. And then it is automatic. You are changed permanently. For now you think of God often, and you will think of Him much more. When you are always thinking of God you will come to know His Will so you can continue doing it. And when He writes His Name upon you, then you have done His Will. It is His Will that you belong to Him.

When you are sealed Jesus will recognize the Name of God upon you. He will then say that He knew you. And as long as you keep the Seal and do not go back to the devil you will gain introcelestial entrance into Heaven.

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Jason Witt

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