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Sports Camp-Ready, Set, Go!

Your child’s sports camp choices are almost unlimited-everything from archery to wind-surfing and nearly every sport in between. Before you choose a camp for your child you need to make sure that the goals of the camp match the goals that you have for your child and your child has for themselves. You will need to think about whether you want an overnight camp or just a day camp, a coed or single-gender camp, a camp that lasts just a few days, or a camp that lasts weeks, what ability level the sports camp is, if the camp only offers a single sport or a variety, and where the camp is located.

One of the most important considerations is what the ability level the camp is based on. If you are not sure it will be right for your child, you may be able to ask your child’s coach for recommendations on the appropriate camp. If you simply want your child to socialize while having fun playing a sport, the type of sports camp that you choose will be very different than if you want something that is specifically designed to build old skills and teach new ones.

Do the counselors offer the instruction as well as staying with the campers at night and other activities, or do they have separate counselors at the sports camp along with instructors?

How is the instruction at the camp handled? Do they offer one-on-one instruction or is it all group instruction? If it is a “celebrity” camp, does the celebrity actually come to the sports camp to teach, or is their name just on the camp?

What will the campers be doing during their free time? How much free time do they have and is it supervised? Ask for a sample schedule if possible.

How long is the camp? If this is your child’s first experience with sports camp or being away from home, you may want to consider a short camp or a day camp rather than an extended overnight camp. In order for the experience to be successful, your child should be able to concentrate on the activities rather than home sickness.

At a sports camp it is also very important that there are adequate medical facilities and that the staff are trained for medical emergencies. Make sure that this is something that you ask about.

Camp can be a fun and exciting time for you and your child if you ask the right questions.

Eriani Doye writes articles for home and family. Learn more about sports camp options visit dmcamp.com.

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