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The Promise of the Primitial First-Fruits

When you receive the Seal you will experience death but your soul will live. You will live just like Jesus, the primitial first-fruits, rose from the dead after He was killed.

You will live even after you have died because your soul has not died. If God kills a soul, that soul is sent to hell and can never be with God again. That is the death of the soul and the end of all Life.

But there are other deaths you experience and some of them are good deaths. There is the death of the body. That is not necessarily good but can be good. It is good for the body to die and the soul to go to Heaven.

Then there is spiritual death. That is always a bad death, though not as bad as the death of the soul. Usually you can die spiritually yet your soul will live on. But you are not "fully" alive.

When you sin you die spiritually. When you are sealed the Holy Spirit will come and live within you, inside your belly. The Holy Spirit will give you Life and you will live spiritually.

And you can come to Life again spiritually by repenting from sin. Just as Jesus rose from the dead you can know spiritual Life again after you have spiritually died.

The death of the old natural person is the good death. This is the death you die daily--and the death you die when you are sealed. Your old natural person dies under the feet of Jesus and you are reborn with Life of the Spirit.

Your soul does not die when your old natural self dies, or when your body or Spirit dies either. Your soul will live until Judgment Day and if you are sealed you will belong to God so your soul will live when you are judged.

God will not judge against Himself and He will not condemn Himself. When you are sealed He will write His Name upon you and claim you as His own. So He will not condemn you any more than condemn Himself.

Jesus is the primitial first-fruits of Life from the dead. His resurrection was more glorious than what most of us can boast as our own revival, for the Body of Jesus came back to Life as well as His Soul and Spirit.

You too will live from the dead when you trust in Jesus Christ and become sealed. When God claims you as His own He will give you Life within yourself just as Jesus had Life within Himself.

Adam and Eve brought death upon you and Jesus brings you Life. But not all death is bad death. You will want to take up your cross and follow Jesus daily and put your old natural self to death.

Your Seal is a cross you take up to follow Jesus since you have died at His feet. But just as Jesus had primitial Life within Himself and rose from the dead, so you will live when you sacrifice yourself.

So your Seal will be a symbol of Life as well as of submission to death. Eternal Life. For you will live forever when God has called you by His own Name. He can not die and will not allow His Name to die either.

But you will always die the good death because your old natural self will sometimes resist the Name of God upon you. And by putting it to death, you become less a fallible person and more a perfect creation.

You will always follow Jesus to Life from death, whether good death or bad death. He is the primitial first to rise from the dead and He is the primitial first-fruits. You too will bear the fruit of Life when you receive the Seal.

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