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Self Righteousness - How The Jones Cured Theirs

The truth is the Jones did have such a thing as self righteousness.

They actually suffered from feelings of superiority or inferiority complex; a cover up, to hide from their own sins in their soul, from feelings of deep purposelessness and a confused state of mind.

The Jones always acted and felt and performed in accordance with what they imagined to be true about themselves and their environment.

This is basic fundamental law of the soul. It’s been like that since the creation of mankind; “In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth. And the earth, which is the heart of man was in confusion, purposelessness and darkness was in the deep.”

Within them they did not have the power to do what could make them feel significant and influential to make meaningful contribution in life...at least not a permanent basis. Once in a while they would do charitable deeds towards each other, family and friends and of course the community at large. In addition they would entertain themselves and pursue intellectually inspiring and stimulating activities too.

All this however could never take away sins in their soul, the feelings of deep purposelessness and their constant confused state of mind.

The more they tried to “self-improve” the more they needed to repent to temporarily “wipe out” these negative emotions of helplessness and feelings of being stuck in an ever changing uncontrollable chaotic world environment.

All this came about because they allowed themselves to be hypnotized by religion and human ethics of morality.

The Jones invariably compounded the error by striving for self-righteousness.

Their feelings sprung from the false premise that they could achieve a sense of significance and influence in contributing to a religious and or ethical cause of their interest… all in a hope of wiping out their sins in their soul, purposelessness and confusion of mind for life.

This striving got them in even more heartache, depression and frustration.

Religion and human ethics are reverse sides of the same coin. Their cure lay in acknowledging that the coin itself is fake.

The truth about the Jones is this:

Jesus Christ was sent to earth, born of the virgin Mary. At the age of thirty his cousin, John the Baptist lay his hands on him to baptize him as an act to take away or accept all lifetime sins in the souls of the Jones once and for all. Jesus took upon himself the condemnation of the Jones sins and thus was crucified to shed blood on a cross. Jesus died and rose on the third day.

There is now no sin to condemn in the souls of the Jones. They are guilt-free in the name of Jesus Christ who came by water (to be first baptized to take away sin of the Jones and the world once for all) and by blood (crucified and shed blood to die on the cross for the Jones sins).

Do the Jones act sinful from time to time? Of course they do. They are flesh and blood. But they thank God their souls have been eternally purified and God himself has promised them a new spiritual body to go with their perfected souls. That will be when they eventually die are resurrected and ruptured.

Once you see this simple, rather self evident truth, accept it and believe it, You’ll be like the Jones; your sins in your soul will vanish, born again to experience a life of significance, influence and meaningful contribution to an abundant life awaiting the resurrection and rapture to glory of the saints.

Jerry Sakala is Book Distributor Of New Life Mission a Free christian books Ministry. visit http://www.bjnewlife.org

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jerry_Sakala