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Get Yourself an ATV for Christmas

Lets face it you want your family to love you and the best gift you could give them is a loving father, who is stress free and happy. Well then to make your self happy may I recommend a solution for Christmas 2006? Buy yourself a high-performance take no prisoners ATV, one, which flies. Indeed I see you smiling already there, ha! See, you know I am right about this; you need a new ATV with super high-performance to make you smile again.

Let me suggest a good starter ATV for you; I recommend the Alba Raptor 700R Special Edition. I think this will do the trick and get your mind away from all those wimpy men at work who talk tough, but BS you with baloney because they really have no balls at all. Well, at least when you are out on your Alba Raptor 700R Special Edition you will know you are not with them, as they degrade what it is to be a man.


The Yamaha Alba Raptor 700R Special Edition will allow you to prove that you are still a man and possess the manhood necessary to prove it. It is starter ATVs like this that will help you find yourself to see if you still have what it takes or if you have joined the Borg of wimpy men who cannot seem to get it done. Do not let them win! Consider this in 2006.

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