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In the Day of Trouble

Psalms 50: 15 Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I shall rescue you, and you will honor me.

Days of trouble will come. Life is hard at times. Regardless of how spiritual you become there will be days when victory seems so far away. God never promised that the cross would not be heavy. Some days it might seem almost impossible to keep going. Call upon the Lord in your day of trouble and He will hear.

The pink clouds of life are great but the dark days strengthen our faith in God. Through the fire, our weakness is made strong. He never offered victory without fighting. He did promise to never leave us or forsake us. Hold on because He will show up and rescue you just in time.

Trust Him; He will shield you from the flames of life. When you are in the valley of despair, just hold on He will show up and He will make it possible to continue. You might question God and wonder where Heí gone. In those moments, He is right beside you.

Frustration will come at times but He is there with you through it all. Trust Him he will rescue you from the days of trouble if you will just call on Him. Remember in the name of Jesus victory is now. Regardless of what life throws your way your God is stronger.

You canít be defeated in the name of Jesus. You have the power in the name of the Lord to push through whatever troubles you are facing. Remember who you are in Christ, hold up your head and move forward in the name of Jesus. Raise your voice towards heaven and declare your victory in the name of Jesus. At the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow in heaven and on earth. Though all hell comes against you stand up and declare the name of Jesus.

Prayer Focus: Lord Jesus I call upon you today. I need your help and I ask for help. You said you would rescue me and I believe you will.

Dr Bob Wilkerson is author of the book, "I Will Not Be Defeated Anymore". He is dedicated to helping others recover from life altering circumstances. Dr. Bob is a motivational speaker/singer with a true life story of God's power to change any individuals life. If your Church or organization is looking for a dynamic speaker/singer please email him today. challenger7777@gmail.com

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