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King of Kings - Becoming a Better Leader

King of Kings is one of the Names given to Jesus. First Paul called Him this Name. Then the apostle John who wrote Revelation called Jesus by this Name. So it has become famous.

The sealed person is spiritual royalty. The Seal on his forehead is a crown--the promise of Heaven. He is sealed just like the 144,000 in Heaven were. They had the Name of God written in their forehead.

You can become royalty like that too. Your kingdom may not be of this world but it will be of God. And that is better than being of this world. It is eternal. It is forever. And that is better for you.

There are many leaders in the world today, of many peoples and countries. And there are leaders of smaller provinces. And businesses and other organizations. Jesus is the leader of all these.

Many of them know of Jesus, and some believe on Him. Many of them know of Him but do not believe on Him. Most leaders today have at least heard of Him coming into the world.

Because when Jesus came into the world He changed it forever. As long as the world lasts people will remember that Jesus came. His legacy will never end. And neither will His influence.

The simple things Jesus taught are ideals of many people all over the world. Even of those who do not believe on Him. Their effect is more widespread than that of any other teacher who ever lived.

You can become a leader like this too. If you become sealed. You will then be a king like Jesus and the sealed person. With much of the ability and influence of Jesus who is the King of Kings.

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