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Depeche Mode Return to Their Roots With New Single Precious

Precious is the beautiful first single from Depeche Mode and this is the maxi single for the single release. Overall the remixes all complement the original version of this song and the strongest ones are Sasha's Spooky Mix - Edit and Sasha's Gargantuan Vocal Mix - Edit. Sasha has done an excellent job remixing this mellow vocal track and made it very club friendly yet not making it too obnoxiously beat heavy. Although Sasha's remixes are quite heavy on the bass the beats are quite nice and the song has taken on a much more electronic form than it is in it's original version.

Michael Mayer's Balearic Mix is yet another mellow remix and has a relaxed feel to it. It's mostly a vocal remix with a laidback feel to it.

The Misc. Full Vocal mix is just an extended version/edit of the original track. It sounds good but I like the original much more as I am used to it. I like my remixes to sound like remixes and this just does not sound like a remix.

The Misc. Crunch Mix is a little more upbeat than the other remixes but not as upbeat as the Motor Remix. It's a fun remix and quite nice to dance to.

The Motor Remix is the one remix on here that has basically increased the bpm's of the original version and made it a much more upbeat club friendly track. The mostly instrumental remix is quite energetic and fierce sounding. Although it's quite good I still prefer the Sasha Spooky Mix - Edit over all the remixes on this maxi single.

Overall a good maxi single but not as strong as other maxi's Depeche Mode have released in the past.

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