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Your Operary Service - A Work of Faith

What is your operary service? When you are Christian, truly serving God is trusting the message of the sealed person. And when you trust that message you too receive the Seal. First you trust, and then you are trusted by others.

A multitude of people followed Jesus, watching His healings and listening to His teachings. Jesus felt compassion for them because they had not eaten for a while.

So Jesus took a few loaves of bread and fishes and passed them around to the multitude of five thousand people. Magically the food was multiplied when it was passed around, so everyone was able to eat.

This is one of the well-known miracles of Jesus. But what happened after He did it is not as well-known. But it is important because this is when Jesus Himself teaches about the sealed person.

The multitude Jesus had fed sought Him afterwards. He was not pleased. They were seeking Him not because they believed in the miracles, but because they had eaten of the food. And He told them so.

They should not work for such bread, he told them, because it does not last. They should work for the bread which lasts forever, and the son of man would give them that bread, for the son of man was sealed.

The people were interested but not sure what to do. So they asked Him. What should they do to "work" the works of God? And Jesus told them: believe the one God has sent.

This is why God sent the sealed person--so you can believe. It is meant to increase your faith. And so you believe the right things, not the wrong things. And so you too become sealed.

When you believe the sealed person you believe Jesus. And when you believe Jesus you believe God. God sent Jesus to save the world. And God also sent the sealed person so you might believe.

The sealed person is Christian. Jesus Christ is the Savior of the sealed, God is the Father, and the Holy Spirit often the Presence of God. You know this message. And it is how you have access to Jesus.

You may think you have access to Jesus without the help of anyone else, a kind of direct connection to God. And you may believe you should have a personal relationship with Jesus.

These are noble beliefs. But if you truly do know Jesus like this, then you will understand how Jesus taught you to believe the message the sealed person brings to you. If you believe Jesus you will believe this teaching of His.

Because you do not always have access to Jesus as you would like. The truth is this is the generation of the devil, who is desperate to bring as many souls to destruction as possible.

But you can win the victory over the devil and the mark of the beast. You can be sealed instead. First you believe the message of the sealed person. This is your operary work in the beginning.

And when you are sealed, your operary work will also include teaching others the message about the Seal and about salvation through Jesus Christ. Many people will need to believe you to do their own operary work.

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Jason Witt

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