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Not Washing His Hands Led To The Seven Woes

I was sitting waiting to meet a friend for lunch when I opened my Bible and began reading, soon after I began I realized I was reading the seven woes of Jesus to the Pharisees. It got me thinking and this is what I thought....

It's a kind of strange beginning for a story of Jesus, but the life of Jesus was not without is strange beginnings. Jesus had been invited to a Pharisees house and it was their custom to wash their hands before a meal, custom carried down till today in some good houses.

Jesus, aware of the custom sat and refrained from getting up to wash his hands and mildly waited till the issue was brought up.

Then as soon as it is brought up he launches into what could be said an angry tirade.

It seems Jesus provoked this little tirade by his actions, like healing that mans arm in the temple of the Sabbath.

It seems to me nearly everywhere Jesus went he did things contrary to accepted custom. He always seemed to have people liking to take him up on the fact that he didn't do the supposed law of the land he was in.

Do the seven woes cut you to heart?

Can you see yourself being addressed in them?

Are you all white and whitewashed and a lovely Christian on the outside and inside full of anger and bitterness and envy?

Does the West really make better people of the people that convert to our brand of Christian faith?

Have a good look at the seven woes and if you need to repent, repent and take it up with the Father.

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