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Feeling the Philous Love

When you receive the Seal your love becomes the greatest of all loves known to people--the philous love. And that is when you become the friend of God and eventually His Bride too. When you are sealed you will love God and love other people with the greatest of loves, the philous love. The reason your love is the greatest is because of your self-sacrifice.

When you are sealed you are put under the feet of Jesus. That is when you let yourself die. And that is only the beginning. Then you will die daily, letting your old self perish and be replaced by the new living person God makes you.

It is the Commandment of Jesus that you love one another as Jesus loves you. When you are sealed you will fulfill this Commandment because you will love with the greatest of all loves. Jesus fulfilled the Law of Moses but He also gave you the Commandment to love. And Jesus loves you with the love of friend and even the love of a husband for his wife.

"Greater love than this no one has," Jesus said, "that one should lay his life for his friends." You lay down your life at the feet of Jesus when you become sealed and then you lay down your life daily to receive new Life.

So you will have the greatest of all loves people can love with. You may not have the most passionate feeling of "love." But that is usually not love. That passionate feeling is usually something else, like lust or covetousness. You will have the greatest love spiritually. You will have the greatest love in God's eyes. And His Opinion is the one that matters. If you are concerned about what people think, then you will soon experience Judgment Day.

Judgment Day is only a number of short years away. And that is the Day when God will consider how well you followed what Jesus told you to do. And you know how you can follow His Commandment to the greatest possible extent.

"You are my friends," He said, "if you do as much as I command you." You will become the friend of Jesus by becoming sealed, for that is when you will die and have the greatest love, thereby doing what He commanded you. And to become the friend of Jesus you must love one another as well as love God. You must carry the message of the Seal to other people. But you are not limited to being a servant of God this way.

"No longer do I call you servants," Jesus said, "for the servant knows not what His Lord does. But I have called you friends, for all things which I heard of my Father I have made known to you."

So you become the friend of Jesus and not just His servant by doing His Commandments. And when you are sealed Jesus chooses you, for that is when He writes His Name upon you.

"You did not choose me," Jesus said, "but I chose you, and appointed you, that you should go and bear fruit, and your fruit should abide; that whatever you should ask the Father in my Name He should give to you."

When you are sealed you will bear fruit as the chosen of God. And you may ask God for something in prayer and He will grant it to you because you bear fruit for His Purpose when you receive the Seal.

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