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Marilyn Manson - High Time to Retire

The golden age of Marilyn Manson was witnessed in 1995 when their popularity slipped high to the top. Their first hit of a cover-version of the "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)" by the Erythmics brought them worldwide acclamation. In one year’s time the band seized the title of musical monster, previously belonging to freaky Ozzy Osbourne, who used to perform jaw-drooping acts of biting bats’ heads off live on stage to shock his fan-base.

However, Marilyn Manson managed to overcome his rival, offering owe struck performances at his concerts.Next five years saw Marilyn Manson’s being deeply rooted into the Olympus of the world music scene. The band proceeded applying freak images, which infiltrated their personal lives, influencing them drastically. The band’s international gigs entered the world music history as legendary. Their insane tricks ranged from vomiting and stilt-walking on stage, applying corpse-like make-up to ribs- and boobs-jobs as well as other frightening affairs.

Do we mean the same Marilyn Manson? The one who are crucially criticized and prohibited by US Christian churches? Obviously, every rock-star runs a risk of loosing inspiration to create, which is what Marilyn Manson are, presently, experiencing. Their stage and personal lives look everything but shocking and insane. To maintain on scene they have employed self-plagiarism, asserting to have embarked on mature life.

The brand new Marlin Manson lingered releasing a new CD album. The latest one "Lest We Forget" comprised a combination of old hits. Their rare gigs abroad suggest nothing new, but properly rehearsed old tricks. It looks like Marilyn Manson have nothing new to offer except a new moral shape of their old performances.

Their present art seems to remind an amusing clown’s act in a circus. No new plans have been announced for the near future by the band members, yet. It looks like they keep following a boring daily routine.Is this to witness their fall, or they simply consider retiring?

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