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A Match Made In Heaven

Mary Magdalene is this year’s leading lady. Common misconception used to paint her as a lowly prostitute. Now, no one is quite sure what to think. Her life has become a mystery for modern Sherlock Holmes’s everywhere. But, no one has channeled the man of reason better than Dan Brown. In The DaVinci Code Dan Brown firmly supports the marriage theory. But is it really possible Mary and Jesus were married? To find the answer the Bible is not the only thing under scrutiny. Culture needs examining too.

Separate but equal is not a new concept. During Jesus’ time men and women hardly ever mixed. A woman’s domain was her home, while men kept the public persona. If a woman did anything in public, she got permission from her husband. In the Bible, Mary Magdalene traveled. She met Jesus at his early teaching at Galilee and appeared in Judea where Jesus was crucified. Since women could not leave their homes on a whim, Mary had to be married to someone. Jesus is the best candidate.

The Gnostic Gospels, written by early Christian followers, claim Jesus and Magdalene had a very close relationship. It is written Jesus was extremely fond of her and used to kiss her. This action meant one of two things: adultery or marriage. Men did not feel comfortable with their wifes speaking to male relatives, let alone kissing strange prophets. The scandal would have ruined Jesus’ reputation. The only option left is marriage. Even holy men had wifes; it was unnatural to be alone.

Based on the cultural evidence, a bond between Jesus and Mary Magdalene was very likely. They were too free around each other not to be married. The Bible says God made everything with the purpose of balance. Jesus was not above this. He needed a woman to be complete. That woman was Mary Magdalene.

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