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Heart Tattoo - 3 Design Options

A heart tattoo is a great tattoo to get and can carry both personal and traditional meaning. But there are important design options to consider when getting a heart tattoo. Here are three strong heart tattoo options to choose from:

1. The traditional heart, with a banner. Many traditional, old school heart tattoo's have a typical red heart design, with a banner going across the middle, with usually a name or phrase. Here you mix traditional with personal by customizing the content of the banner. It could be an important phrase, saying, or a someones name. This is an excellent way to straight forwardly symbolize both love and recognition of a loved one.

2. The sacred heart tattoo. This heart tattoo is generally a flaming heart shining with light, surrounded by a crown of thorns, and sometimes bleeding. There are variations to this design, some wish to include certain elements, or add in different elements to this heart tattoo. The sacred heart is known as a religious devotion to Jesus' heart which represents the divine love for humanity.

3. The tribal heart. There are very interesting tribal variations of a heart tattoo. If tribal is something you're into, yet you don't like the abstract nature of it, a tribal heart tattoo could be the answer. Here you have tribal design, yet you also have a distinct heart tattoo design as well.

It's best to look at tattoo design books, either at a parlor, or an online tattoo design book, to get a better idea of all the great heart tattoo design options that are available.

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