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Why We Need a Division of Church and State

In past days they had a division of power, which was the Church and the Rulers. In the United States we have the three branches of government to balance the power. We have a separation of Church and State and religious freedom to worship the god or gods of your choosing or none at all.

This prevents government from being beholden to one line of religious thinking over another and thus no one religion can cut the power of men in government to represent the people and not a certain religion. If this were not the case and the religion gained more power over the people then the church or religion could label any particular endeavor of government as good and/or evil. In doing so then the church would rule the land and give the human rights to their god rather than giving it back to the people.

What happens when government becomes a religion? Well a strong sense of nationalism is a good thing, but when it goes over board such as in NAZI Germany you can see the potential repercussions. Thus there are times when government or a church or a religion could be considered good or evil. Fore good maybe evil and evil maybe good in another period whether you fast forward or rewind the life experiences that human history breaks into past, present and future periods. Consider this thought.

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