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Church Fundraisers

Churches are non-profit organizations that resort to fundraising to support various activities. Churches do not use the funds you donate to support their operations. The money required to maintain church operations mostly comes from tithes and other donations by parishioners. Fundraisers are usually necessary to finance other activities such as evangelistic meetings, outreach programs, youth camps, and repairing of church buildings.

The most common church fundraising activities are cookouts or bake sales. Participants set up booths for the organizers to sell food products and donate either all the proceeds or a percentage of the proceeds to the church. The usual items sold are pies, cheesecakes, candles, or candies. Selling products door-to-door is an alternative option if there is no venue available.

Service fundraisers can be enjoyable for participants and patrons. Try a car wash service, where the church patrons can bring vehicles for washing.

Auctions or raffles are a great way for parishioners to get involved in fundraising because they provide an incentive for those who donate to a cause. Ask sponsors to donate auction items or prizes.

You can also sell T-shirts that bear the name of your church or Bible verses. Religion-themed clothing and accessories promote the work of the church. Simple boutiques can also be set up to sell other items like books or magazines, DVDs and audio CDs, or decorative ornaments that promote spirituality.

Fundraising activities within the church can be a fun activity, but there are times that it is unnecessary. Churches have been a venue wherein God can and will pour out His blessing. Although fundraising activity is a service you can do for the Lord, sometimes it is the best to simply pray and ask for the needs of the church.

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