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Akron OH Suburb Medina is perfect for an Upscale Car Wash

We have just finished our survey of Medina OH for a possible location for a car wash. We believe an upscale car wash in this market would be excellent and well received by the growing middle class consumer there. In Akron and Medina area there are many very nice and updated car washes. The level of sophistication is representative of the auto industry influence there and the love for the car, being clearly an extension of people’s personality, right away you notice that people love their cars. Many new models and SUVs as well as many custom street rods and high end luxury sedans.

We immediately noticed more red cars there then in most places, meaning people also identify you by your car, Everyone knows this unspoken language of who you are and what level you view yourself and how you want to be judged. All good for car and aftermarket auto sectors there on service and products side. The OH attitude and relationship with the automobile, is alive and well there, no doubt about it.

The straight demographics study and the traffic counts confirm what we saw thru real life observation. If you are thinking of building a car wash in this area, go upscale and you will be rewarded by the car lovers of the area. Think on it.

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