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Faith Healing and the Catholic Church - Narrative Part 3 of 5

NARRATIVE (Continued from part 2)

Sometime during that time frame our second daughter was born and about a year later Peg got pregnant again. By this time I was pretty well steeped in the Faith Teaching. Peggy had been following along attending the same meetings. She also agreed with the teaching.

Peg was in her seventh month when the doctor suggested she come by the hospital for some tests. As this seemed like just a normal check up we never thought to mention our trip to the hospital to anyone. There was, therefor, no one praying.

While at the hospital, the doctor was quite concerned and decided to take the baby then and there. Peg was quickly taken to the operating room for a caesarian. I was alone. I tried calling both Peg's mom and mine but no one was home. I could not get any "prayer chain" going as I could not reach anyone by phone. I had to pray on my own.

What I had learned is to pray with confidence, one had to know God's will. You can know God's will from the Scripture. Prayer is a spiritual battle where the enemy, satan, is looking for doubt and or ignorance to do his evil will. "The thief cometh but for to steal, kill, and destroy" [John 10:10b]. I knew that satan wanted to kill our baby. The rest of that verse says "but I [Jesus] am come to give life and that more abundantly". I also knew Jesus wanted the baby to live.

My prayer was praying back God's written word back to God. I used the Scriptures that show that this type of prayer was His will and that the life of the baby was His will. I resisted the thoughts that in some mysterious way God wanted my baby dead. I claimed the life of the baby. When the Scripture said "choose life" I said I choose life for my child.

I resisted and rejected years of Christian indoctrination that taught that you can never tell what God might do and when a baby dies God "needs him in heaven". Norvel had said that when he was a child his mother died and the preacher said it was "God's will". Norvel said he came to learn that it was not God's will for her to die. God had no plan to take a mother away from a young child. He said that kind of teaching makes God out to be some sort of monster.

(continued in part 4 of 5)

This is part of a FREE 23 page document, Faith Healing Consistent with the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which can be found in the Cooperation Among Christian Denominations section of the Independent Christian website.

The document does not speak for the Catholic Church but the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) does. The CCC is quoted and the footnotes are followed where they are often linked to Scripture. It is suggested that the reader have available both the CCC and his/her Bible and see whether the representations are correct.

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