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Review Text Books: Under Review

Annual reports often lead to a company or an organization deciding to overhaul or review their own system. This occurred when a State run Text Book Committee recently decided to review their text books that were being used in the class rooms. This has obvious implications for students and teachers, the quality of learning can often be compromised by a lacking in text books, but the cost of revamping those text books can be astronomical.

The typical time for text books to review is in the late summer time, when publishers have published all the books for the upcoming school year. These text books are typically reviewed by the text book review committee. Public Citizens are able to review the books during the open review process that each state holds. Comments can be made and there are many public hearings that last approximately 2-4 weeks which can help the committee develop a plan for purchasing text books.

The committee often consists of 10-15 members, each are from their own congressional district, and a few represent the state as a whole. There is an additional citizen whom does not have a teaching certificate, but does have some weight in the choosing process. The terms for a committee are often 2-5 years, depending on the state. Reviews of text books are often done on a 4-6 year cycle depending on the funding and the need. Libraries are required to hold on to the text books until the state committee has conducted the most recent study and review of text books.

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