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One Catholics First Communion Disaster

Catholic First Communion is one of the most important ceremonies next to Catholic Baptism. It is the first time a church member receives the Sacrament. For those who don't know what the Sacrament is, it's when the body of Christ is received in the form of blessed bread. The priest puts the piece of bread on your tongue and it is symbolically taken into your own body through the ritual of the Sacrament. Needless to say, you don't want anything to ever go wrong during this important ritual.

Something went very wrong on my First Communion and I can only hope to learn from it. After all, you can't change events from the past. If you are planning a First Communion, you can probably learn from my story.

I was ten years old and I remember watching all the adults line up at the end of Mass and prepare to receive Holy Communion. I was stuck kneeling on the pew while the rest of the congregation got to partake in this ritual. I was eager to participate and looked forward to having my First Communion so that I could be part of the others.

I had trained for the day of my First Communion and felt like I was ready for it. My parents had purchased an extravagant white dress and veil for me to wear. My beautiful dress went all the way to the floor and brushed the ground when I walked. Many other kids my age were to receive their first communion and it was a big day for all of us.

I stood in line, waiting for my chance to join in the sacrament. I could hear the priest saying to each kid in line, "The Body of Christ". "Amen", said another child. I was up next and I was nervous. I wanted everything to go just right. "The Body of Christ" said the priest. "Amen", I said. Then I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. The priest placed the bread carefully on my tongue and to my horror it fell off and onto the floor! I looked directly at the priest in shock, waiting for a cue to let me know what to do now. "Pick it up", he said. "Oh no", I thought. How could this be? How could I receive my first communion off of the floor? I looked for the piece of bread on the floor, but could not see it anywhere. I wondered if the priest would have me eat it if I found it and picked it up. I looked at him, confused.

All of this happened in a few seconds but to me it seemed like minutes. To my relief the priest finally said, "Let's try again" and pulled a fresh piece of bread from the tray. He placed it on my tongue and I swallowed the bread without any problems, Amen!

I turned and walked back down the aisle to where my parents were sitting. They were smiling and to my surprise, they had overlooked the whole incident. I kneeled down on the end of the row, waiting for the rest of the kids to finish their First Communion.

In the aisle, I saw the piece of bread I had dropped. I believe it had rolled under my dress and when I walked, I dragged it halfway down the church aisle. The piece of bread sat there isolated among a large span of bright red carpet. People walked by it, taking their First Communion without even noticing the piece of bread on the floor. Life went on.

I could have been more prepared to take the Sacrament. I had never eaten anything that someone else had placed on my tongue before. Maybe I could have practiced this ritual at home, with my parents putting a piece of bread on my tongue.

Although I was horrified about the incident, my parents, other parents, even the priest seemed to be okay about my First Communion. Although I feel I could have been more prepared, I learned I've got to accept what happened and live with it. This was my experience and mistake to accept as a humble Catholic's First Communion.

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