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Limas Anniversary (A Little History, 1-2008)

Just a word or two on Lima; I live in Lima, about four months out of the year, have been here going on eight years. Lima, the word Lima, comes from one of the oldest languages in the world, a language much used in the sierras, but not much in the eight-million metropolis of Lima, nowadays. Quechua, is the name of the language, and the word means, "Rimac" or in simple English, it means, 'The talking River,' (or, Rio). My wife's mother spoke it well, and those who can in Peru, are considered able to speak two languages. In Lima, the river is called, the Rimac Rio.

Lima is known in the world as "The City of Kings," founded by the Spanish conquistador, Francisco Pizarro, close to five-hundred years ago.

Furthermore, "People of the Sun," better know as the Inca, had their empire here in Peru, which spread out almost like the Roman Empire, touching and swallowing many South American countries (to include, Equator and into Chile).

Most folks in Peru are of the Roman Catholic religion.

There is also a great variety of foods in Peru, especially in the mountains, but also in Lima, Guinea Pig, which I enjoy, being one of the favorites of the Peruvian people, all over Peru.

They, the Peruvians, like Americans, perhaps one of the last countries that do, and they treat Americans with much respect, yet it would not be wise to carry too much money on you, there are a lot of thieves, and they don't care if you are white, black, yellow or red, American or European, or Chinese; money is money, and so be careful, if you visit Lima.

Peru, at this time, is a good place to retire (your money is worth three times its value in the states), not sure how it will be five years from now, things change in South America, fast.

Well, I could go on and on, but let me close by saying, there is much to see and do in Lima, from archeological sites, to museums, to festivals, and dances, and the Plaza de Arms, which has its grand cathedral.

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