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A Change of Faith Three times in One Lifetime

A person who has faith in a certain religion will be the basis of his spirituality in a way wherein his thoughts and beliefs would mend with his daily practices in life, including hearing the gospel, going to church, praying, etc.

Anyone may have or may not have a religion or a belief. Simply because they do not believe in God or any god for that matter.

Would you consider a person who changes faith three times in one lifetime common?

In my outlook, it is not very common. I will discuss about a high school friend who changed her faith three times already in the 26 years of her life. She was baptized as a Catholic when she was a child. Then in her grade school until her high school years, she studied in a Christian school where we became friends. From this point, she is easily convinced with what she hears in church and in our Bible study programs. And now, when she had a new boyfriend whose religion and belief are quite different from Catholics and Christians, I have learned from her that she has been baptized in that sect wherein the teachings are way different from that of her old religion.

If a person, can easily be convinced with a new belief one after the other, do you think that there is a probability that this person does not know what to really believe in? Do you think that the term gullible can be described as one of her weaknesses?

In a different perspective, once a person believes in something, that belief or that faith would be attached to his awareness, wherein it takes years to build up as to make the faith become stronger. If my friend can easily be influenced then she can change her faith again making it four times in a lifetime. What I am trying to say here is that faith in something or a belief in some sort cannot be called faith if it can be easily tainted or altered. Why do we have to call it faith if the said faith is not really being confident in what you believe in?

I do not want to make any suggestions or resentments whatsoever to anyone’s life or belief or faith, but, my point is that people should not call it “faith” if the said faith does not even exist in the person’s whole being.

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