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Enjoying the Holidays in Spain

Spain abounds with celebrations. Nearly every day, a religious holiday or historical event in Spanish culture is observed. The most common religion is Roman Catholicism, and the majority of the events have a basis in religion. Depending on when and where you travel, you have a great chance of seeing a street festival or procession.

Holidays in Spain

Good Friday, the Friday before Easter Sunday, is a very important holiday in Spain. Many cities, large and small, celebrate this holiday by having a procession or a festival. There are re-enactments of the crucifixion and Holy Week events.

Good Friday is second to Easter Sunday in importance. On Easter Sunday, the resurrection of Jesus is commemorated throughout the country, in villages near and far, in bustling cities and small villages.

In late spring, the holiday of Corpus Christi (“The Body of Christ”) is cause for another religious observance. The Catholic sacrament of the Holy Eucharist is celebrated, and there are events throughout the country that commemorate this. This event falls on the first Sunday after Trinity Sunday.

The Feast of St. John’s is observed on June 24. To prepare, bonfires and effigies are burned. The most widely held believe that people have is that if they jump over the fire three times, they will be cleansed of sins and cured of any disease. This day is celebrated differently throughout the country, with festivals held that are unique to each area.

Fall and Winter Holidays

Columbus Day, observed on October 12, is also the National Holiday of Spain or Hispanic Day. It honors Christopher Columbus and observes his discovery of the Americas in 1492. You’ll find a variety of celebrations going on throughout the country.

All Saints day is November first. This Catholic holiday celebrates saints and martyrs by offerings made by the people of Spain. Don Juan Tenorio’s play is traditionally performed on this day.

December 6 is Constitution Day This day takes note of Spain’s transition to democracy. This is a widely-observed national holiday.

January 6 marks the end of the Christmas celebrations. This day celebrates the Epiphany, or the day the wise men visited the infant Jesus. It’s also known by the name El Dia de Los Reyes, or “The Day of the Kings”. According to Spanish lore, the three kings represented Arabia, Africa and Europe. Many villages throughout Spain observe this holiday with festivals and processions.

This deeply Catholic nation celebrates religious holidays with much fanfare.

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