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What if all Religion Disappears Tomorrow; Would There be Chaos?

Many religious scholars believe that religion holds a very important purpose in our societies and civilizations. In fact they support organized religion and say without it there would be no moral foundation and everyone would be running around and raping and killing others.

We are told this is the case and yet there are many cultures and countries that really do not have any major religions. In some nations religion is on the decline and less than 15% of the people believe in a God and less than 10% of those go to a Church, Mosque or establishment to practice religion. And did you know that these countries are doing fine and that there is actually less crime per capita?

The fact is that organized religion is not needed by human societies, human civilizations simply believe it is and in the absence of religion things run smoother and there is less conflict not more. Indeed social scientists believe that this is because the crutch or support structure of religion once gone enables folks the ability to think for themselves and take more responsibility.

Apparently, those nations with less religion do just as well as those with religion and those with the most religion do the worst of all. Interesting study isnít it, perhaps you should break your addiction to religion and we can get rid of it one person at a time?

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