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Why do Humans Need a God?

Many have asked why people need a God to cope with life? There must be a reason, because it appears that every culture in recorded history had some belief in some type of god. All the different cultures, tribes, societies and civilization had their Gods, trinkets, traditions, rituals and temples. But why; we know now, or some of understand that all these stories and myths were nothing more than figments of our imagination. Most all ancient writing has in it; Invisible ghosts, invisible friends and/or Gods. Isnít it amazing that even modern day civilizations cannot seem to shake this and those who wish to lead use it to manipulate us into their created realities. Just look at the Evil Muslim Clerics who twist and turn the people commit atrocities against humanity? Look at the Witch Doctors in Haiti with their Voodoo Dolls? Look at the Catholic Church and their strangle hold on their followers, while they allow their leadership to rape and molest our children?

It seems that mankind just cannot get over the fact that there is something more. Something we do not completely understand thru science and it scares us a little, not knowing. We have questions unanswered such as; How did all this come to be? Why am I here? How should I live my life? What happens when I die? When does it all end? Organized Religion has always attempted to answer these questions and our fears, yet it has always done so, without proof.

In return it asks of us to follow the leadership of that religion, sometimes into wars, poverty, self sacrifice and of course to give our resources, time, effort and tithing. It is amazing all the people following all these false Gods and Organized Religions. Donít you just laugh sometimes? I mean come on people, think about it, we are suppose to honor oneís religion and allow them to worship their choice of God, yet if a child has an invisible friend we immediately help them by seeking psychological help? Donít you think all the other religions are just nuts? Really? And when was the last time your re-evaluated your own? I see? Now my question to you is; Why do humans need a God? What is wrong with all of you? Are you unsure of yourselves, mentally weak or lacking self-confidence? Have you looked into any of this? Do you take Prozac for your condition or are you finding solace in others who are equally weak or should we say meek? Do you yearn to belong and need to be part of something bigger, they say misery loves company; are you sure that you are simply going with the flow and allowing the Organized Religion line of BS to trap you into a false sense of reality? You humans are kind of interesting in that regard really. I mean it is okay if that is what you want and are happy in that regard, but you really are missing a whole lot more. Think about it.

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