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Ashlee Simpson Diet And Workout Plan

There has been much speculation about Ashlee Simpsons rapid weight loss. The singer has been accused of having an eating disorder. There have been rumours about anorexia and bulimia surrounding the star. But how did she really lose all that weight? She was obviously never fat to begin with, she has just trimmed down her body to an amazing smaller size. Some might argue that she is too thin, but with the medias constant pressure on celebrities to be thin, she fits the category that the media considers beautiful. And whether you like to admit it or not, many of us agree.

So now the big question we all want to know the answer to..

What Does Ashlee Simpson Eat?

Ashlee Simpson eats healthy foods the majority of the time. She has taken influence from her sister Jessica Simpsons personal trainer and sticks to foods such as grilled chicken and greens. Simpson admits that unhealthy days make her feel good too, she calls them her 'Taco Bell' days.

This diet is a classic example of high protein, low carb eating. Most bodybuilders and celebrities will have a cheat meal or cheat day. The idea of this is that eating healthy foods 6 days of the week puts the metabolism in a steady pattern, but with the addition of a cheat food (either a whole day or one meal..one meal is recommended) it will shock the metabolism into working harder and faster. Thus, speeding it up and ultimately losing more weight.

How Does Ashlee Simpson Workout?

Ashlee Simpson does attend a gym and work out. She credits dancing to maintaining her slender physique. She has also hired a personal trainer (most stars have them!) Ashlee also recently bought a treadmill for her house, so cardio is no doubt a big factor in her workout routine.

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