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Christianity on Its Last Wave; So Wave Goodbye

Have you been watching the increase in Christianity in the United States of America? Well, this is interesting because recently on a trip to England I found most people had totally dismissed Christianity and many are adopting a more Jeti Religion approach to things; Let the Force be With You.

Pretty cool stuff if you ask me and it sure makes a lot of sense and why not make a religion out of science anyway, as it is pretty hard to refute it all and the evidence is all easily available. Does this mean that Christianity on Its Last Wave in the UK? Yes, pretty much that is what it means and it will be gone soon.

So Wave Goodbye to Christianity many of the social science professors are now saying and I bet we get a paradigm shift in the United States as well, as our scientists leave the storyline of religion, all religion, not just Christianity far behind. Some say the story of Baby Jesus and rising from the dead really does not pass the smell test of known science and seems a little bit of a fairytale as well?

Indeed it does sound like that. Nevertheless the recent increase in Christianity swung the pendulum too far out of sync with reality and so this is most likely the last hoorah and the end of Christianity, as we know it. Is that a bad thing? Hard to say, humans seem to like some sort of religion, yet perhaps no religion or a more reasonable one makes the most sense? Consider this in 2006.

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