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How Do You Become A Freemason?

The secretive nature of Freemason leads many people to bizarre and strange beliefs about Freemasonry. Often people believe that it is an invitation only organization and others believe that you are required to have a family member in the fraternity before you can be accepted.

The true behind joining Freemasonry is that to join you must first ask. No person should ever been asked to join Freemasonry, the first step should be made by the person interested in joining. It's a simple rule but it is an important one.

There are also several things that are very important that will determine your successful application:

Supreme Being - You must believe in a God, you cannot be an atheist.

Age - In most countries you must be 21 years of age to join, unless you are the son of a Freemason in which case there is a possibility of joining at 18.

Good Person - When you apply to become a Freemason you will be introduced to an examining board who will ask you questions about your life and history. Freemasonry states it makes "good men better".

Sex - Freemasonry is a male Fraternity, thus you must be a male to join.

Upon receipt of your request to join application you will be met by an examining board as I mentioned before. These people are there to find out about your life, who you are, and report back to the other members about you. Should they find you a favourable candidate a vote will be held and each member will have the opportunity to vote for you in a positive or negative fashion.

If you are denied membership there is often a waiting period before you are allowed to apply once again. If you are accepted soon you will find yourself ready for your first step in to Freemasonry, a wonderful and dramatical play full of metaphor and allegory. It's something you will never forget and is quite possibly the begining of a life long Masonic association.

Do your research on Freemasonry and decide if it is right for you. There is lots of information on the internet both from the Freemasonry perspective and from the perspective of "anti-Freemasons" but ultimately it will be up to you to make the first knock at the door.

Ken Dennis is the webmaster of Masonic Travels -- a large free masonic newsletter published daily to your e-mail. Signup to learn more about Freemasonry, its rituals and it's history.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ken_Dennis