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Freemasonry and The Supreme Being

One of the basic tenets of Freemasonry is the belief in a supreme being. That means that absolutely anyone with a believe in their holy being can become a Freemason. There are so many different types of religions believes within freemasonry that to make the rituals used acceptable to all religions the term Supreme Being is mean to represent your God, by whichever name you call him.

Some religious groups have seen fit to deem Freemasonry an organization which is unacceptable to them. Often they believe that in Freemasonry you are worshiping a false God or Idol. Additionally when people join Freemasonry they are required to swear an oath to progress through the Masonic degrees.

These oaths are never in violation of any religious belief, or law of the land of which you are in, if anything they are supplementary to them. Freemasons around the world use their own holy book to swear upon. This book is referred to as the Volume of the Sacred Law, but in actuality could be a Holy Bible, Koran, Torah or any other scripture held sacred by a religious group.

Freemasonry often has many critics and a shroud of mystery behind it, but it is my believe that the organization is a sound one. Built on mutual respect, a true Brotherhood of man, under the fatherhood of God.

Freemasonry in my opinion is an organization that is not there to undermine people religious believes, nor does it attempt to replace them. Freemasonry is not and never has been a religion, it does however act as a supplementary addition for personal growth and self betterment.

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