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Indian Girl - Your Wedding

Let’s have a look at your wedding. Start with the preliminaries, preparations before the wedding. Engagement has a lot of importance, although everything has been decided before by your family. It is a significant function, that announces the date of marriage in public, officially. Sangeet, mehndi, haldi and tilak follows. These rituals have a lot of meaning and significance.

This is a wedding ceremony, according to the religion. It is one of the sixteen sacraments (sanskars). Two people get married and two families get bonded together. This bond between the two families is a strong social alliance. The wedding takes place at the bride’s residence or at a mutually agreed common place.

A wedding is an important religious ceremony in the Hindu religion and one of the most important of the sixteen Hindu sanskars or sacraments. It is not only establishing the bond between two people, but also the bond between two families.

Hindu weddings usually take place at bride's place or at a common place decided by the bride and groom's family. The marriage would take place at an open space under a decorated canopy usually called ‘mandap’. The main event of the wedding involves different traditional rituals. And each of the rituals has its own meaning and role. The most important ritual of Hindu wedding is the seven step or sapta padi taken together by the bride and the groom. The seven vows or promise by the couple, are dictated by a priest or Brahmin. They take the vows before God, symbolized by fire and light. These seven promises taken together by the bride and groom builds the foundation of their relationship and marriage. It speaks of the loyalty, love, and commitment. The marriage is considered as a holy ceremony, conducted by the priest, blessed by the elders, witnessed by the whole community and the public in the neighborhood.

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