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Roman Shades

Window shades that hang flat over a window and fold up in accordion-like fashion are called Roman shades. Roman shades are either made of fabric or woven wood. They are easy to use and, depending on the weight of the material, can be very efficient in insulation as well as in keeping glare out of a room.


Roman shades come in several styles. The most traditional roman shades, folded roman shades, have evenly spaced overlapping folds. Soft Roman shades have soft overlapping folds. Flat roman shades are so called because they do not have horizontal seams and thus have no bumpy seam marks. The balloon Roman shade has box pleats on top and flowing balloon shaped folds below. These come in light filtering or room darkening variations. Light filtering Roman shades screen some sunlight but will not block out all light from entering a room. Room darkening Roman shades not only block out a greater amount of sunlight, they are also very effective in insulating a room.

How to buy

When purchasing Roman shades, look for models that lay flat and require less straightening out than other types - these are more convenient and decorative. Also check the mechanism for pulling up your shade. Models that feature a continuous cord loop are more flexible and less likely to snap during use. Also consider your reasons for buying a Roman shade. Are you mainly concerned with light control or with insulation, or both? The color and weight of the material will affect your shade's effectiveness in both.


Like all window treatments, Roman shades will benefit from regular dusting and spot cleaning. You can also use vacuum cleaner attachments especially designed for such tasks. Check with your manufacturer before using any detergents or abrasive cleaners; use only cleaners recommended by your seller. Hand held steaming will remove wrinkles from the fabric.

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